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About Us

Inspiring and Informing Expats

HI EXPAT asks and answers the questions that we all face when we need to decide how and where we choose to live, and how we can plan once we get there.


HI EXPAT address key issues that we all face, with intelligent information designed to help you assimilate into a foreign culture, without feeling like you’ve just moved to another planet!


HI EXPAT helps you with life in Ecuador, and more specifically, it will make you comfortable with your decision to live in this beautiful corner of the Pacific Coastline.


But, most importantly, HI EXPAT will be the voice of the Expat Community. We will speak directly to the politicians and people in power here to make them aware that we are both an economic force, and a growing force. Each month we will feature the results of an interview with one of these decision makers, and tell you their responses. They will listen to us if we are one voice!


HiExpat - Manta

We would like to introduce our new magazine that is geared to the Expats living here from all over the world! Our monthly magazine will focus on the Expat Community, and what it needs and what can be done to improve the city of Manta and the Province of Manabi. We will touch on everything that new Expats, and the ones who have been here, need to feel more at home while living here. We’ll answer your questions, and help you find your way in your new city. 

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