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By Mark Bradbury

Hello everyone! There are lots of things going on in June; it is a busy month. In the Northern Hemisphere, where many of us grew up, June is the first true sign of summer. The leaves have filled out the trees, gardens are flourishing, flowers are blooming, and the grass has probably been growing a lot more than you would like to see! The weather has probably warmed up, but the heat of


July and August is just around the bend. It is usually a time to enjoy before the oppressive humidity and heat really settle in.


Ministry of the Environment

My experience in sustainability issues, as well as my vocation in the environmental field, have allowed me to put my knowledge to the service of Ecuador. In this service, the government has begun focusing on objectives which prioritize the sustainable use of nature and water capital, restoration of ecosystem gradients, implementation of financial sustainability mechanisms for protected areas, creation of water recharge zones, and an inclusive and participatory strategy for the reduction of deforestation.

Thus, one of the most important milestones of this government has been the prioritization of public policy which has focused on finding solutions to environmental issues from various productive sectors in Ecuador. A good example of this is the creation of our National Transition Plan Towards Decarbonization. Rolled out from the national government, and still prioritizing economic growth, the plan creates a roadmap to reduce and neutralize greenhouse gas emissions until at least 2050.


For as long as I can remember, my life has been here in this beautiful valley called Cuenca. My roots are deep like a well-planted tree, which makes it difficult to move elsewhere... it is hard for me to think that I could just pick up and leave my city, it is a part of me. I chose to be born and live here.


Daughter of Cuencanos, large families taught me the joy of sharing, beautiful landscapes and beautiful words surrounded my growing up. I inherited sensitivity to the natural world from my parents and grandparents. I appreciate beauty in all its manifestations. Since I was a child I have been able to observe all this just by growing up in this city.


I love wandering around Cuenca, feeling a bit like a tourist inside it. Slowly discovering it, touching it, savoring it, enjoying it, it is a delight that encompasses all my senses, that erases all my motives, that leaves time behind, and I lose myself in a wonderful enjoyment...

I Love Cuenca, It Enamores me, It Sings to me
by Claudia Acosta


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