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Your Guide to Ecuador

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By Mark Bradbury


The Expat Art Show

We had several exceptionally talented artists from San Francisco de Ibarra, north of Quito, who brought some truly amazing art with them to Manta. We had a glass fusion artist from Cuenca whose glasswork was spectacular! Modern art, traditional art, watercolors, and lots of outstanding abstract work was on display throughout the floor. Beautiful ceramic work from AJ DeLissa of Burning World Pottery in Canoa, one of the leading potters in Ecuador, and several jewelry artists with truly unique and rare pieces, were on hand to highlight the selection. If you did not attend this year’s show, we hope you will mark your calendars for next year!

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Baños de Agua Santa is the perfect location for a modern fairytale: a small town with colorful streets surrounded by magical mountains and a beautiful waterfall that you can see from almost every place in town. But also, in this magical place, it's easy to find a modern restaurant or enjoy an amazing and fun party.

By Amanda Viloria


The Magic of the Southern Ecuadorian Coast

By Franklin Heredia

From Ecuadorian parents and nationality, I grew up in the city of Manta but it was not until my teenage years, thanks to surfing, that I ventured to explore the southern part of the coast for the first time. I headed towards the renowned destination of Montañita, a place of great fame worldwide for its particular “freedom lovers” lifestyle.

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Ecuador’s 90 day Tourist Visa and Extensions

By Marcos Chiluisa

Ecuador has a lot to offer as being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world for the past decade. Over the years, Ecuador’s government has gone to great lengths and considered many avenues to facilitate its various visa processes to help ensure that all tourists have an easy time obtaining any form of visa - especially a tourist visa.

Kontiki Huiracocha is known as the God of creation for the Incas and as legend has it, he arrived in the north of Ecuador (now the coasts of Manta and Portoviejo), got lost, and never appeared again.


In 1948 Thor Heyerdahl, a Norwegian, arrived and wanted to prove that there was once trade between Polynesia and the Incas. So, he built a small boat made out of balsa, an Ecuadorian wood, and he named that boat La Kontiki. This story inspired our idea, but we are carrying it out aboard a catamaran, which is a little bit more enjoyable. Given that my family owns and operates tuna boats, I saw an opportunity in a shipyard, in the shape of an old, abandoned hull. This was where I got the idea for oceanic journeys up Ecuador's coast.

Million dollars yacht for rent!


Santa Marianita Funeral Home

Santa Marianita Crematorium and Funeral Home has observed the need to make our funeral services available to the expat community. Whether it is for a wake and burial, wake and cremation, or just cremation, we also offer the service of repatriation of the whole body or repatriation of ashes to any part of the world. We have extensive expertise in this area and have always taken pride in offering support throughout the duration of every service we offer.


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