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By Lisa Goldsmith

Lisa is an artist who is so passionate about her craft that she attended the Montserrat School of Visual Arts in Massachusetts, where she studied the painting techniques of classic artists. Her professional career in the United States was as an emergency room nurse and she has a master’s degree as a family nurse practitioner. One day, she decided to retire on the wonderful shores of the South American Pacific in the central coast of Ecuador. Specifically in Manabí is where Lisa developed her passion for art. Now that she is happily retired, she spends her time on large installation pieces of seascapes, marine life, pets, and portraits. She specializes in oil paintings with an eye towards realism and attention to detail using bright, vivid colors. For Lisa this is not just a hobby but has become a way to generate additional income doing what she loves to do.

Available for commissions, Lisa can be reached at 593-098-417-0422 or email


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