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By Sigrid Tidmore

As with the butterfly’s metamorphosis, it is change that has pushed my creativity forward.

Throughout my life, much of that change came through travel. Born into a military family, I lived in a dozen countries before I was 20 years old. By then the wanderlust was thoroughly ingrained in me, and global exploration became integral to my existence. In the business world, entrepreneurism is the laboratory of creative expression. I’ve been a professional musician, a medical illustrator and a graphic designer. A business strategist and a creative director, running my own full-service advertising agency. I’ve worked as an international marketing consultant and led business missions to India, Central America, Europe and China. I’ve also built a global health foundation for wealthy philanthropists and run an art center for disadvantaged youth.

I often tell my friends and students that water unites all earthly life, so it’s no accident that I was drawn to watermedia paints like aquarelle and acrylics as my primary vehicles for personal commentary. They give me the brilliance and the sensitivity that is important to my communications.

Today, I am able to devote much more of my creative life to my art and my garden. It is with great joy that I find myself dividing my time between Puerto Cayo, Ecuador and Tampa Bay, Florida. However, I will always consider the world my studio. Whichever hemisphere you are in, I look forward to hearing from you.


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