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Mothers in Politics

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

By Guadalupe Llori

As mothers working in politics, we are committed to leading the changes that our families, our children, and our societies need.

I have always believed that politics are too important to be left to politicians alone. For this reason, from a very young age I dedicated myself to action, in order to change my reality and the reality of the people around me. As an Amazonian woman, my fight was not free of struggles. I continually fought against the impositions of a society that traditionally preferred to place women and mothers in the sole role of caring for the home and children.

I am a woman who comes from a place where ancestral teachings and practices are the backbone of my people’s culture. This is what has strengthened my character and forged my spirit of service. I formally started my career in politics as the Mayor of Francisco de Orellana, El Coca. Later I was elected twice as Prefect of Orellana in the Amazonian province and now I serve Ecuador as President of the National Assembly. I am the first Amazonian woman to do so, and who comes from below, from the struggling class, for the defense of human rights and nature.

Women's political leadership is not without sacrifice. I am a witness to that. As a result of the struggle to defend the rights of Dayuma, a canton in the Amazon, I suffered violent political persecution that unfairly landed me in jail.

For this reason, it is a personal mission of mine to create a reality where no other woman has to live through what I have lived through. I work tirelessly for gender equality, respect, and equity, so that these tenets can be the foundation of a democratic, responsible, diverse, and inclusive society.

As President of the National Assembly, I strive to foster the qualities that make us human throughout all of the Ecuadorian parliament. As a mother, a woman, and a politician, I want to express my gratitude and praise to the mothers who carry the weight of their families everyday. As women we are capable of listening, we are sensitive, we are brave, we are inclusive, we are orderly, and we are efficient. Let us live out these qualities every day, in every area of our life, and rest assured that we will have made a lasting impact on our society.


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