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By Alessandro Delizza

Alessandro DeLizza began producing professional stoneware and porcelain pottery as a young man on a foot-powered wheel from 1970 through 1982 in the USA. In 1976, his porcelain pottery became part of The Joan Mondale, White House, "Crafts at Work Program" and was featured in many government offices in Washington DC. DeLizza also produced the ancient reproduction amphoras for Dr. Barry Fells that were featured in The Harvard University Museum antiquities section. Alessandro DeLizza is now a resident of Ecuador and is living near the beach south of Canoa where he produces the same style pottery. The influence of the Ecuadorian Playa and Pacific Ocean have become part of his current style. Every piece of Burning World Pottery is unique. Individually hand crafted on the pottery wheel and hand-painted. No molds were harmed in the making of this product.

Air, earth, fire and water are the only ingredients in Burning World Pottery. While the porcelain clay contains ingredients from China and England, as well as the Americas, it is the China white quality that offers such a unique work canvas for pottery, unlike most traditional products. The colors are produced with various combinations of natural oxides, minerals and metals combined with porcelain clay dust. When heated to 3000 degrees, cooled, and blended, the materials are then combined with water and salt allowing DeLizza to create the colors of the Ecuadorian sunset, sailboats on the Pacific Ocean, and life on the Playa as well as the beautiful flowers growing in La Fortuna. Quite often DeLizza will hand someone a piece of his work and say, "find the dolphin." Some can.


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