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By Juan Francisco Carrasco

In collaboration with Hi Expat magazine, I have been working on a complete guide of Ecuador for expats looking to live in this wonderful country. The idea to make this guide was born a couple of months ago when I was asked to work on a personal project for school. As part of the Hi Expat team, I decided to create an informative document to attract more expats to the country.

For this reason, I created a survey to learn more about the thoughts and feelings of many expats in Ecuador. The data I collected helped me to understand what expats search for when moving to a new country and especially the reasons why expats choose to live in Ecuador.

Thanks to the support of the expat community in Ecuador, this project is now possible. I appreciate the help you all gave me this last month by completing the survey which I shared in many social media groups and communities to collect data for my project.

Also, as part of my project I created an instagram account called @travelingecuadorwithmyfamily where I share my adventures around Ecuador, photos, and experiences of the unique places that I have visited in this country. I invite you to visit my page and share it with your friends and family.

Below you will find the results of the survey that I hope you find interesting. For me, many of the responses have been a surprise and this will allow me to create a resourceful guide for all expats.


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