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A Undiscovered Gem in Manabí

By Ocean Side Farms

HiExpat: Ocean Side Farms was created as a place that seeks to align a group of people with the same vision for lifestyle, love and respect for nature, art, education and culture. Specifically, what type of people should live and invest in Ocean Side Farms?

Ocean Side Farms:

In truth, the people who form the fabric of our community tend to find themselves naturally aligned. Our community is built as much out of serendipity as out of a shared set of values - the belief that clean air, fresh and sustainably harvested food, and a diverse and open-minded community are essential to cultivating health and wellness. As a result, we naturally appeal to those looking for something beyond the current market standard of condos or independent properties. Our owners' group tends to be people who have already determined they want to invest either full or part-time in Ecuador. Oceanside Farms provides a true sense of community that offers a catered-to approach and exceeds expectations or concerns regarding construction quality, lifestyle, amenity value, and client services.

HiExpat: This project is located in Puerto Cayo, a very beautiful fishing area on the coast of Ecuador in the central part of the province of Manabí. How did you choose this area among so many beautiful places in Ecuador and around the world?

Ocean Side Farms:

For us Puerto Cayo represents a return to a simpler time, where one can find the perfect balance of being amidst a natural environment while simultaneously not being disconnected from convenience or amenity. We enjoy a beachfront lifestyle with ocean breezes where we witness the most amazing sunsets and can watch the whales migrating from our front yards. Located only 45 minutes south of Manta, we can access significant city amenities, medical facilities, and an airport when necessary. Since Oceanside Farms is committed to community engagement we wanted a location where a sense of community was still present, where people connected with each other directly, and where one could still immerse themselves in the abundance of nature without sacrificing lifestyle or security.

HiExpat: Sustainable living is the motto of Ocean Side Farms, how do you achieve this through your business?

Ocean Side Farms:

As Ecuador's first internationally recognized sustainable Agrihood, we consider our relationship to our surrounding environment and community at every step of the development process. Roughly 60% or more of our 25-acre community is dedicated and primarily harvestable green space with an on-site, curated, organic, permaculture-based farm for which owners have direct harvesting rights. The majority of our landscaping is grown on-site to reduce our overall carbon footprint. Our home packages apply sustainable design and include solar systems by default which aim to run 50% of the total energy capacity of the home. Furthermore, we have a 350-acre reserve of old-growth cloud forest which serves the goals of forest preservation and carbon offset, ultimately helping us towards our goal of carbon neutrality. Additionally, we are in the process of becoming a BCorp. Our focus on sustainability also extends to our local community, with projects ranging from the completion of the area's first Montessori-based school, local economic development, marine conservation efforts, our highly acclaimed "Mindful Gastronomy" event series working with top chefs (both local and international), and an ongoing sustainability plan that is being created in alliance with Florida State University and UDLA. To put it lightly, we walk the walk with every step we take.

HiExpat: For those who may have an interest in owning property with Ocean Side Farms, what are the construction costs and are there any technical construction specifications within the project?

Ocean Side Farms:

Pricing in Oceanside Farms ranges from the high $200K's and includes both the home's construction and property. Unlike some of the issues that can occur when people choose independent home construction, transparency and quality are paramount for us when dealing with the living experience of our owners. We are there to guide and assist our owners with every decision. Concerning the market, the reality is that on the levels of quality, home construction, and materials, included-amenity, home design, and overall living experience, we offer a highly competitive product where our owners are delivered an exceptional value for their investment in virtually every aspect. Moreover, we own and live in the community, with owners being both friends and neighbors. For people searching for a high-quality lifestyle in a more natural setting, we encourage them to learn more about how we set ourselves apart.

HiExpat: Environmental protection and sustainability are very important in today’s world. What are OSF’s plans to ensure sustainability in the future?

Ocean Side Farms:

We are, by our nature, a sustainability project. Sustainability is a primary focus which is at the core of our principles that define the community. The concept of sustainability begins internally with our owners and their lifestyles. We empower them with the opportunity to conserve and preserve amidst their daily lives. This sense of sustainable living is then carried beyond our immediate community outward towards the goal of improving the lives of the people and environment around us.

HiExpat: Ecuador is very attractive to expats because they can find health and wellness here. What can our readers expect in regards to this lifestyle and what recommendations do you have for those who want this kind of lifestyle in Ecuador?

Ocean Side Farms:

Where you wake up, what you consume, and the environment you spend your day in should not be discounted for the influence they have on your overall sense of wellness. Waking up to the sound of the ocean, walking amidst nature outside your front door, consuming fresh, healthy ingredients, or simply having the feeling of peace and security in your home, are all high-sensory experiences. We believe healthy living is a 360-degree view. When determining the priorities for living a healthy life, start the circle small and internally. As that circle expands, what enters into it should be conducive to your overall sense of wellbeing. These concepts are how we approach our own lives and what we mean when we say we are raising the bar on living well in Oceanside Farm Residences.


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