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Keeping a Strong Body and Strong Mind Throughout the Years


As the years go by our bodies begin to change and some of the essential functions of our body start diminishing. We can slow these changes and keep our bodies healthy if we choose to make healthier decisions by using the tools our body needs.

One of the most valuable tools we have for our body is physical exercise, which we should do some form of everyday! The World Health Organization recommends 150 minutes of physical exercise per week to keep fit and healthy, while also avoiding a sedentary lifestyle which could trigger chronic diseases in older adults.

The practice of daily physical exercise not only improves our physical capacity such as in strong muscles and good balance… the benefits go much further!

Daily physical exercise helps:

  • Regulate sleep

  • Prevent and control heart diseases

  • Improve our mood

  • Prevent depressive states

  • Acts as a brain protector by allowing us to preserve our cognitive abilities

Physical exercise is most effective in older adults when done in multicomponent routines, where we can combine different types of exercises:

  • Joint amplitude exercises

  • Strengthening exercises

  • Walking and balancing exercises

  • Stretching exercises

Each type of exercise is meant to give our body and mind the necessary energy that we need to be able to perform normal activities in our daily life. This is thanks to a strengthened functional capacity.

Therefore, it is important that older adults adopt a healthy lifestyle in a way that is sustainable. This will allow one to maintain an active and independent life. Integrating physical exercise, a good diet, good mental health, and having an active social life are all key to sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

Older adults contribute valuable knowledge and experience to our communities. It is important that we continue to create spaces where older adults can socialize, contribute, and share their stories. These spaces contribute to good mental health and flourishing social lives which are an important part of overall health.

In order to aid this population, Geronto has expanded to both Cuenca and Manta (with more than ten years of experience in Guayaquil) to offer integral care to older adults. Geronto’s services are aimed to maintain, improve, and

strengthen one’s physical and cognitive abilities. These services include:

  • Personalized physical therapy

  • Personalized and group cognitive stimulation

  • Gerontogym

  • Fall prevention programs

  • Other medical specialties: Geriatrics, Psychology, Nutrition and Gerontology.

Our integral approach permits us to serve older adults as a whole. We aim to positively impact your well-being through programs that are aimed to provide greater independence and better health.

This model of exclusive service for older adults has allowed us to respond to the need for an integrated health service. Our services improve the quality of life for our older adults and a service that changes lives cannot stay in just one place. This is why we have decided to open up locations in Cuenca and Manta after 10 years of service in Guayaquil.

We are here to help you start a wonderful journey to a more active, healthier, and rewarding life.

*CUENCA, Plaza Maggio Local 4, Av Primero de Mayo y Avellaneda Sector Misicata (next to Medicity) 074195561 | 0963307182

*MANTA, Av. Circunvalación, tramo No. 1 y Av. 38. Centro Comercial Coral Plaza, Local#2 045061071 – 0968772345

*GUAYAQUIL, Urdesa Avda. Las Monjas y Costanera (next to Fybeca) 045061071 – 0984753159

* Instagram: @geronto_


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